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Many rural roads – Society and politics – have a free public transit plan on the news


EPikea is one of these places in Rugby County. Currently, buses are only twice in the week – on Wednesdays and Saturdays – as a major city near the IPE to Rujiana. However, this is only in the summer months, because bus runs only on Saturdays from September to June.

Experts use it to meet the Philippine market, shops and tombs, but it is not possible to meet a family doctor. On Saturday, there is no doctor's practice on the bus.

"Never need a medication and something else." The doctor also needs it, you need food, you need a pharmacy, if you do not have a machine, then someone is looking for you to find out. Payday! " Roberts, a resident of Epyitki district, says.

The absence of public buses on weekdays, attractive offers by IPC residents have been transformed as unreasonable passenger transport, which leads people to Rugiana with their car, and requests an average 7 Euro roundtrip. But if it is very important, then it costs 20 Euros.

Surprisingly, ATDs are planning to introduce buses more frequently, with only 270s in the IPic, but by 2021 far from remote Ruiaah, 20 kilometer free state-funded buses are also present.

As soon as the local people can understand that the bus is regular and in good times, it is possible that people will start using the bus to work in Ruggiana or to go to Walmia's second bus.

"The municipality is so essential in this state how people can see and survey." There is a need to reconcile any new building with the needs of the population. The municipality may be a mediator, "Eveta Buzkake, head of the EPike parish administration of Rugia municipality adds. .

Only five of the free bus routes planned in the Visima are from EpiCi-Ruijiana. Except for the Schüggen-Keve route, the rest of the people are centered around Elkson.

Overall, since 2021, ATD is planning to introduce a free ride on at least 18 fields on the way. Most – Seven – Latley Providing access to the planning sector, mainly Luza, Villacca, Villas, Straits. There are four free buses in Zemgel, which include places like Pilsskell, Sprae, Ras, Sunaki, Zilchen, Neretta and Ezcruckle. At the lowest, only two free bus routes, Kurzem – planned in Lipaja-Barta, Rukawa and Kaldiga-Qabile.

"The main purpose is to ensure the mobilization for people living in less populated areas. The goal is to live in the region, in the border area, not to promote and encourage people to go to cities," said Christyans Godish, chairman of the Road Transport Directorate. .

However, if there are fewer passengers than the rate trip, the route will be completely cleared. Know that such free shipping experiments across the country will cost nine million Euros per year, some people of EPIKY will call it waste.

However, IPICs have an opinion that adults will be affordable and more plausible to travel in municipal buses. During school year, they run to work every day. It is recommended that the state pay more to municipalities with the purchase of multi-million purchases with suspected utility.

Anyway, a free bus will be ready for EPike. Turn off repairs this week.

"If we saw that the data was not improved in the introduction of free transport, there were two passengers on the road and suddenly there are no one or any residues, which means that there is no demand for such a route and we will be able to close it. If interest continues, So, we at the account, "summarizes the ATD manager.

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