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Megjivogic Monument / Article / LSM.LV to locate in Tukums


The first Foreign Minister in Ladislav, Sigridis Anna Anna Meroevicus founded the foundations of the Foreign Policy and Foreign Affairs Committee of Latin America. The recognition of the state of Latvia in the other parts of the world is his most important merit, which will allow us to celebrate the centenary of the country this week. On Thursday, November 15, when he remembered Megorovico, he found a monument in Tuscas district. There was a diplomat in his childhood and school hours.

Three days before the 100th birthday of Latvia, tens of thousands of people from different countries and ambassadors came to visit the first foreign minister, Sigrutrada Ann Meriovits.

"A nation in history can be able to make a circle in a favorable direction all nations can be happy, and in 1918, they announced the independence movement of Latvia on 18 November, one of which was Sigridrea Maraovicks," said Igril Melivic, CA's Mayorovic.

In the summer of 1918, Meriotics visited Britain as a representative of a provisional national government.

In November, he received a letter from Latvia, its governments and the Ministry of External Affairs and the originally established United Kingdom.

A few years later, Mijorvik was able to gain approval.

"He and Jan Cacti, Karl Ulmani, Michael Voltaer and many others have established our country in the Constitution of our country, and he contributed to the democratic development of our country," External Affairs Minister Edgar Rinkeviès ("Unity") reminded us.

After the inauguration speech and officials of the National Anthem, Banner repaid Republic and showed interest to the memorial to the Mayorovic. That is the people's contribution.

This monument was found directly in Tuscas, where Miraviks spent a childhood and had studied in a school near the school.

Flowers come in abundance flowers.

"I remember my father, they were family friends, so I came to honor this event, and we should sing" High Fortune Latvia "on this occasion, surely there will be a beautiful monument in Tuscany recently and it will come to think of something about Latvia." Mitto and Elizi will be prosecuted.

"As historians say, he drives him out of the door, but he ran away in a window, systematically, thanks to his intelligence and energy, and we're still alive, we are very happy to have such a monument in Tuscas now," Tukumma Karlis said.

In the 100 years, Meriwio's nerves can keep our hands in the greater development of the state, we can only work through hard work.

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