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Milda KM The buyer is searching for the restoration of the plant's operation

"Milda KM", a fruit and vegetable processor, has been looking for an investor for a long time, said GGV Invest's representative of the company.

Milda KM The company's co-owners Vistars Kulkicosvis Milda KM The plant confirmed this summer's operation. Milda is the largest credit company to borrow from KM. As a result, the court decided to stop the company's bank accounts, and the firm then took up development loans. "Development Finance Institution Alterum" ("Alum") is its largest security lender.

The contract to sell "Milda KM" has already been signed and a valid customer can satisfy the customer and make a transaction when implemented.

Kulikovsky buyer's name or time did not disclose the contract amount. Investor plans to resume operations of Milda KM. If the buyer does not see, the company will be liquidated at this time.

Many former employees of the company, who wanted to remain anonymous, indicated a long settlement problem, so one of the lenders filed an "case" with "patience" and a debt to the company. As a result, Milli KM's bank accounts were bailable. Jacob worked for the company. The workers do not take salaries by the end of June. Milda KM, even those employees who have stopped working, have not been closed.

According to the company's employees, about 50 people were working for the public. Of these, 10 employees are still closed. There are no total pay estimates for the workers.

The former chairman of the board, KM Weinzin Worobjovs, said that the company had not had regular assets due to the increase in competition and raw materials, to attract them, to buy a certain amount of funds from credit institutions or to borrow from investors who were investigating the company at that time. Although delayed, for corporate taxes, liabilities and other payments, one of the pedophiles – "Inpex Ltd" – has begun to delay the delay due to the summer delay. As a result, the court decided to block the company's bank accounts, after which "Milda KM" could not function.

"From my perspective, the mistake has been crossed and the company's accounts in favor of the decision, other loans to the arrest of a merchant, it will be able to raise a challenge to the decision of the court to bring a claim on the company's business valiveccu.kanakkil full talarccaykk, but in practice it is not possible, due to the Blocked Accounts Homes can not telecommunications, security, etc., does not pay to pay the bills containing the Services vakkiyar workers.

One common public consultant, Sandman Eglate, said that the company had agreed to sell as a safe lender to a deal on company owners and potential buyers transactions. Nevertheless, the company's owner or the potential buyer of the company at this time did not approach Alumni with the request to reconcile the transaction. As of now, there is no comment on the sale of the company.

If the owners of the company have agreed to the buyer on the critical components of the transaction, if the alto is connected with a request to meet, deal with the transaction of the financial institution and responsibilities and responsibilities of the security loan. "As a responsible accountant, the company assures management of the company's ownership by maintaining good assets, selling the plant, re-breaking the production and ensuring the value of its value," Eglitt said.

The advice "" indicates that "Milda KM" is exempt from the list of value-added tax trains on October 16 this year. According to the state revenue service, the debt was € 225,464 in November 7, 2014.

Milda KM now Kard Pors, board member of Board of Trustees, was appointed as chairman of KMS board on 14 August. Earlier, from May 19 to July 17, the company's chairman, Willyn Worobjov, was chairman.

Milda KM The company sold sales of € 2.383 million last year. In comparison, last year, it was 9.6 per cent. The loss of the company from 1.8 times to 171,737 euros.

The only owner of Milda Kimi is GGV Invest. Gundar Kulikosivis belongs to the GVV Invest Owners GGS Inquien, Ginsk Kukna, Jisak Rubenko and Vysters Kulkoviviss. The GGVE investment has been exempted from the VAT provider in October this year. On 7 October this year, the company had a debt of € 2405.

The activities of "Milda KM" are the production of vegetables, canned food, main dishes and food additives. Milda KM The plant is located in Kosini Parish, a registered capital of 2,322,000.

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