Monday , October 18 2021

More than 42% of most MiAparks completed construction / article / LSM.LV


Part B1 of the Miyaparks Great Stage is currently under construction. Representatives from Riga City Council state that more than 42% of the planned construction work has already been completed.

The MiAparks open-air stage features a dome's first metal columns, which will form the open-air platform ceiling. This project is unique not only in Latvia but also globally. There will be a total of 44 columns, the longest of which is 26 meters and weighs 21 tons.

The construction of the opal floor of the stage building is complete, the installation of exterior metal stairs and railings, the construction of waterproofing and the assembly of prefabricated reinforced concrete elements of the opal floor and the stage steps.

Construction work is carried out through a general partnership “LNK. Rire ”, started by the Riga City Council Property Department, and is scheduled to be completed on June 18, 2020, before the 12th Latvian School Youth Song and Dance Celebration.

As it is known, from the green grass on Friday, August 16th. The 15,000 square meters of the Miyaparks Great Stage was the first opportunity to relax at Latvia's largest picnic and watch the new Miyaparks Big Stage.

The brass band "use sacralitis" welcomed guests to a picnic. The power of the songs created by composer and instrumentalist Raymonds Tiggles was presented by the artistic director and conductor of the National Guard Core Stars Šķ pastes. The evening atmosphere was complemented by chef Lima Janson with traditional cocktail sounds and modern improvisation. The concert orchestra played throughout the evening. Funny toys and fun games for children were provided by the fairy-tale fairytale house for children. The host of the event, Veterans Crawler, provided a pleasant atmosphere at the Great Me 8 Parks Picnic. Dagamba shared a unique positive energy charge with viewers

The picnic was an opportunity to taste the cuisine and freshness of different countries in collaboration with Street Food Latvia. It was possible to buy goods made by Latvian artisans and local artisans.

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