Wednesday , August 4 2021

Multimedia Dance will be available on high performance «Both Sided» LTV Broadcast / Article / LSM.LV

Emotional and attractive dance performance on "Booth Sides" national festival "Arena Riga" was performed in three exhibitions. It was one of the perennial events of the centenary of Latvia, and when it came to 450 dancers and unprecedented surrounding projections, the story of Latvia was told. On November 24, it will be available on Latvian television and on the portal "Replay.LV", Latvian television representatives said.

"This is a hundred years old story about us – for the people of Latvia, our land, which flows into the river Daguu, it is not a lesson in history, but having a personal experience and opportunity as an important part of the" both parties "show," Was created by the creative team. After three exhibitions in public space, the names of the performers and creative team have been welcomed – the work of great performances, multimedia solutions and dancers has been welcomed.

Generally, in Latvia, the number of professional dancers who still do not participate in the piece, at more than 2,000 hours of art launcher scenes, it was introduced by more than 450 actors in which different dance styles were represented: professional ballet, professional contemporary dance, Folk dance and modern dance – with hip hop and ending game dance.

Great directors – Jr. Jonilis and Roberts Rubins, Choreographers – des Advilzen, Jeans Bumanis, Lianne Gewea and Raymonds Martynovs, Authors of Artistic and Musical Designers – Andris Sidesens, Reynis Seeds, Multimedia Artist – Maris Calaway, Stage Designer – Diddies Johnszemes, Costume Designer – Jolanta Rimkut, Light Artist – Normand Blisson, author of Libertto – Interest Basavicette-Pace, Beard Cast Artist – Alice Pruden

"Both sides" – noon on November 24. 21.25 LTV 1 and – Throughout the world, without regional restrictions. High performance premiums will also be available on public media content player "" without regional restrictions.

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