Tuesday , February 7 2023

OKEA Online Store in Estonia – Nózarez – FenasNet Will open


The company was informed that Estonia would become the first country in the world to get digital solutions – an online store. The opening of the online store in Talen will also open the place to order and receive the goods.

Opening the online store "Ikea" on the Estonian market is the advent of innovation. John Johnson, the IKE manager of Baltic States, said that this decision has been taken keeping in view the digital maturity of the new market and preparations for using this type of offer. "The management of the IKEA in Baltic States, John Johnson said that such a solution will come near the Ikea market in Estonia, because many visitors visit this store from the Ikea store in Riga, Estonia.

Ikea Online Store in Estonia, will be a website for various mobile devices that will allow you to shop through a computer, tablet or smartphone. There will be approximately 8,000 home improvement products in the online store and can be ordered at home or when receiving and receiving goods.

IKE will order and receive goods in Talin, Peterborough Street 66. Its total area will be approximately 6,000 square meters, in which the exhibition hall and 1,500 square meters for the planning area and 4000 square meters for the logistics and e-commerce organization. IKEA will also be able to get employee advice for ordering and procuring goods, and to buy 200 most popular items on employees' site.

Told to Johansson that 30 to 40 people would work in Ikea Estonia.

Currently, there are two IKEA stores in the Baltic States – one in Vilnius and one in Riga, as well as two places for ordering and receiving goods in Lithuania.

The "Ikea" store was opened on August 30, 2018 in Riga. The area of ​​the Riga Ikea store is 34,500 square meters, but the store area is in 10 hectares. The total investment in the establishment of the IKEA store in Latvia was more than 50 million euros.

"IKEA" franchise in Latvia is the "Paul Mason Properties", which also has an "IKEA" store in Lithuania and Iceland.

The company "IKEA" was established in 1943.

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