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On Christmas night in the battlefield. Part 1 "Elia dreams" / LR1 / / Latin radio


Poets, Rifles – Janice Acortటర్స్, Carlis Skalbus, Edwards Virus The memories of World War I became one of the fifth deployment of Semeagali, directed by Jumuus Washington. The three poets saw the scene of the same war. Each one has his testimony …

In the summer of 1914, World War I began. John Akcatar's World War "quickly hid the sunrise throughout the end of his life, with his own myegy sword," wrote his dreams and sentiments.

In the autumn of 1916, Janice Acquterter, Carlis Scalby and Edwards Wessa joined the Russian army corps forming the Russian army.

On 23 November 1916, a conversation with Lottery Officers was recorded in his diary by Janice Akkater. One of them was a diagram of a diagram of war. The history of the Latvian regimen should be written on a family basis for each family to be read on Sunday morning for family members. It was a special tactic of the military warships, especially the military regiment commander Yukuma Vasheti, including the poets, artists, and musicians, not including them in the first battles of the army, but also of the social rifle of sanitary, correspondent, war historian, warrior, cruel, This is a beauty to speak in a national language that inspires you. It was a way to our country.

Screenwriter Victor Janssen, Maya Walter. Directed by Victor Jansen.

This production is based on Casparts Synodis, Willis CountyS, and Ģirts Krumins

Composer – Janice Ķisis. Art-i-Shock Music Group – Agnes Eglin, Elena Endelsel, Guna Sien. The Soloist route is bad.

Sound Directors – Gustave Rurunprice and Andes Plokes. Producer – Mara Igtete. Editor – Aladda Brid.

Essay daily for the centenary of Latin America. The radio theater in Latin America was recorded in 2018.

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