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Public Awakening Ether Personality Can Take Part in Social Experience Strengthening Diabetes / Dianna


Kristin Garklava, Magnuss Eriņš and Edgars Bāliņš – three known societies of the society will try their efforts as a social experiment To live with power, to fight With diabetes, As a musician, and Nawabic actor Nouries Brinimanis.

During the social test, on November 14th, 15th, participants will enjoy the daily lives of diabetics in the skin, get the chance to get saved through various tasks and tests – because diabetes is continuously interrupted. At the very least, it prevents any human activity and behavior and sometimes creates inaccurate facts and health and life-threatening moments.

"Diabetes on a regular basis and always" live ", I was able to enjoy and care for me at the time, dressed in warm clothes, thick coat ceyyum.nan characters to deal with a lot of inconvenience that tayarakukayum – a quick rise in blood glucose begins to grow more quickly tivramakkuvanum the patient's diabetes." My skin, "I raka Purchased the glucose, a diabetic patient, kalcavaikalyam face, I feel so helpless and any other forms of sugar, the amount of testing, we have compassion for others, to promote the continuous measurement karbeahaidrerrsinre … that when faced with people in all matters, awareness, and help volunteers to help "Said Kristin Garklava, a participant in diabetes.

Diabetes mellitus diabetes known as diabetes in the country is the lowest level of insulin. In 2001 the number of registered diabetic patients in Latvia increased three times over three times. In 2001, 29,492 people were diagnosed with diabetes, and in 2011 there were 91 571 infections. Unfortunately, a large proportion of the population does not understand the symptoms and progress. Learn the importance of a diabetic patient, sensitivity, and the quality of daily life for dealing with serious situations.

"Diabetes requires emotional and mental support every day, knowledge and good people, especially educational institutions, family doctor's practice, local governments and diabetes control." An opportunity to participate in today's programs in diabetes, single-use injections, strong sugar control, new technologies, quick-access specialists, and training to participate in experiences ", Patients' Latvian Diabetes Center "Founder" leader who has been living for diabetes over 28 years.

According to Christ, diabetes are facing some problems every day. Loss of headache, headache, headache, dizziness, heart rhythm, slowdown, stroke speech, and other difficulties. Similarly, conditions such as stress, bodily functions, and airspace may be affected by diabetes. In addition, if high or low blood sugar is exposed, diabetes can even be caught, loss of vision loss and consciousness. On the other hand, if you do not get enough insulin to ensure a low sugar level, it can be taken with keton (acetone). This leads to death without medical attention.

Doctors say that diabetic patients can not be ignored first. This is a very serious disease. "When the day of diabetes celuttentat attention to your health, you feel pradhanaman.avasthayillate to check the amount of sugar in your blood, the patient may have very sudden, serious illness, disability, vision, blindness, diabetes is caused by destruction of the health nadikalkkum raktakkulalukalkkumulla, Children's Clinical University Tyunina ID endakeanealajisrr Hospital, yunea laguva says: "The result of the legs, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, disease, or progressive kidney disease.

Social experiment can continue Latvian Diabetes Center Website and communities Facebook In the account. Latvian Diabetes Center Seminars, Training, Psychotherapist Counseling, Master classes, Patient Cooperation, Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetic patients by organizing children, adults and creative work competitions. The Society formed a magazine under the umbrella Diabetes and lightness.

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