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Pyramid Free Glucose Testing BNN in clinic


Baltic News, Latvia, BNN.LV, BNN-NEWS.COM, BNN-NEWS.RUDiabetes Day November 14. Everyone calls to care for diabetic patients. Clinical pyramid experts at the Center Market Route on Diabetes Day will conduct free glucose tests from 14.00 to 17.00, and advise on essential activities for reducing the risk of the disease.

"You can also perform cholesterol tests, clinical pyramid experts in 7,400 free cholesterol, glucose tests, and Riga city councils Welfare Development We're healthy! "Said organizers of the event.

Clinics' pyramid-free glucose test increased 35% of glucose levels and increased cholesterol levels by up to 60%.

"Diabetes is a chronic disease melirras. Of blood sugar (glucose), a major factor in increasing quantities. Is one of the energy sources of glucose in the body. Blood glucose (sugar) levels marrannalal affect the entire body. The most important risk factor in the diagnosis of diabetes and high blood sugar. Blood sugar levels, Diseases, nervous system, and renal function may be adversely affected by a fatigue sensation, weight reduction, frequent urine, thirst, visual discomfort and healing with bad cuts, but the level of sugar is adversely affecting the brain, which results in a potential energy crisis such as depression, memory, Start the concentration Pratyaksappetukayanenn says that the symptoms of a medical representative, such as the Skyline.

Experts say that high blood cholesterol is one of the key causes of cardiovascular health.

According to the Disease Prevention and Control Center, cholesterol has increased by 70 per cent of people aged 25-74.

"At aging blood tests, total cholesterol levels (triglycerides 5 mmol / l) Triglycerides ABH (correct cholesterol) 1.0 ml / L Beetroot (bad cholesterol) rate 3.0 ml / L blood cholesterol, triglyceride levels reflect body fluctuations in the laptops Blood sugar level in blood glucose blood test Cippikkunnu. Before eating a meal (usually abdominal) Normal blood sugar is 3.3-6.0 mmol / l. "

If blood tests do not meet the blood glucose or cholesterol level, doctors say it is necessary to apply for appointments to the GPI to develop appropriate appointments and develop appropriate treatment programs. Self-medication can cause more damage to the body.

Cholesterol itself is very valuable to many essential functions in cellular levels. It is a lipid or fat responsible for the formation of cholesterol hormones, as it plays a role in the formation of cells in cell and nerve cells. Cholesterol plays an important role in normal metabolism. Up to 90% of cholesterol develops itself on the body, but only 10% eat food.

They emphasize that there are health problems in the body that can prevent themselves from controlling the body, which is overloaded. "From time to time, changes are made to develop a lot of kealastrealin the body, or to reduce its deficit. The two basic principles of healthy life to avoid adherence to high blood cholesterol levels: physically active, eat healthy food. Moderate physical activities may be, but they're Edit Vayirikkanam, and the menu is more vegetable oil, fish, and vegetables contain. "

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