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Ram had a positive doping analysis after Chris Finals, did not follow Penalty – Football –

Ramosa's positive doping analysis form is explained by a doctor's mistake, UEFA apologizes

After the 2017 UEFA Champions League Final, where Real Juventus was found, a Doxing Test sample was found in Austria, where Dixamathason's sign was found. It is an object that relieves pain, increases concentration and is included in the WADA restricted list. Media leaked by Football Leaks suggests that this doping analysis was transferred to Real Captain Serio Ramos.

Spiegel reports that the US The anti-doping unit approaches Ramos and asks for an explanation, which Ramoos replied in an informal e-mail, stating that he got a medical attention before the game and should ask all questions. The case was also not revealed and it remained in UEFA drawers, and it was not on the subject of any kind of sentence.
The WADA rules state that the use of Dixamathason before games is allowed, but only when the team physician informs the exhibitors of testing for the use of the substance. It was not mentioned in the document for Ramosa's analysis. These rules state that investigation is under way in doubt in the case of doping, but this has not happened in the Ramos case. The team's doctor gave an explanation to UEFA that due to its heavy emotional strength in the final on the doping test form, he entered the wrong substance after being injured.

Do not allow "direct" doping controllers to pass through a free trial, after which the controllers follow the allegations that they can not work with the stars.

Other suspected cases involving doping come from February 2017, while two representatives of the UEFA anti-doping unit reached the "direct" test unexpectedly to check for ten real players. UEFA representatives later focus on the letter of Madrid, they are not given full space for maneuvers to carry out independent doping tests. "Real" star Cristiano Ronaldo has been criticized for his selection of this type of test, but he was disappointed that his doping controls in his veins tries to reinclude the needle as he failed for the first time.

UEFA's representatives managed to take tests from Ronald and Tony Crossa, but then the Real Medical staff intervened by entering their needle to analyze their players' veins. In his letter, UEFA representatives have written that they have made an exceptional situation irrelevant because they are excited about the mood of stress during the doping tests. The anti-doping program rules do not require teams to give full access to team players and interfere with their work, and players do not have the right to decide who is involved in urine tests for the toilet and take their blood tests.

At the time, UEFA had sought an explanation from Real, for which the team director of the team responded to the allegations of doping controllers, indicating that they are not commercial and "obviously lacking experience with top-level footballers." No UEFA has been penalized for violating the rules.

Ramos will not listen to the controller before the transfer of the analysis, the case begins only after half a year and ends due to lack of evidence.

The third event, described by Spiegel, is April 15 after the La Liga game, in which Real scored a 2: 1 score with Malaga, Spaniard Anti-Doping Agency spokesman Ramosun called for a doping test and reported a ban on the shower before doping. Analysis. Ramos and the current "direct" therapist disliked and opposed such information. In a report given to Spiegel, the doping controller did not object to his mind and Ramos was banned from bathing, but Ramos performed the same way and passed the analysis afterwards. To rule out the possibility of regulation, this rule states that the player changes the transfer of urine samples.

In Spain, anti-doping laws have recently become more serious, and there is a serious penalty for preventing and banning the work of doping controllers. According to the law on such behavior, the club can be fined 300 thousand euros to receive penalty points or to be excluded from the highest league, the team doctor may receive four-year's inappropriateness as a relative player. Under rules, the inability of the player to be reduced can be done for two years if the player can prove that his actions were not planned in advance.

Based on the penalties, Real was informed by Management in late September, when they gave their opinion in the e-mail to the club lawyer, who pointed to the seriousness of the situation. The Spanish anti-doping agency told German media in its notice that in the present case there was a lack of evidence that the rules on doping controls were violated.

Real Madrid, Ronald and Ramos, provided their comments to the German media. After Der Spiegel's announcement, Real Madrid released a statement that Ramos never violated anti-doping rules. In the actual claims that in these cases, UEFA had requested for timely clarification and immediately closed the case on the receipt.

Der Spiegel, at the end of his published material, asks if the Spanish anti-doping agency needs more than five months to go to "direct" management after clarifying the charges against Ramos. Generally, athletes and clubs for such things are reported in a few weeks.

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