Wednesday , July 6 2022

Riga's & # 39; Dinamo & # 39; s Nizani Navagorod Success is enthused with success.


The team led by Anpin started three games on Tuesday. Local "Iftihim" Nielsen Skynn 4: 3.

The Moscow pair scored their second hundred in the last season.

When "Dinamo" left, the giant assailant Gonor's Scavorsvos did not go and the body was scheduled to be held in mid December. In addition, Christophus Zila is also retaliated. But Canadian striker Brendon McMillan played a good match in the last game.

Both teams have a 30th paralympel in the KHL. Turbot has done so far in 17 tournaments. 14 of them regularly.

Turchdao has seven home games with a series now.

Mathew Maon and Linus Vidal are the best players in the DNA team. Both had a good run in the tournament with 27 points. They will participate in the KHL all-star game, which will be in the start of the Bobrov division.

Dennis Park is in the 10 + 10 team in Nice Novgorod. 20 performance indicators make good performance.

Riga Dynamom Team at the Departure

Goalkeepers: Christopher Goodlowski, Timur Bililov, Maxim Tartuk.

Guards: Origin Aliye, Nerjeus Alissex, Uvais Balinskus, Sergey Geev, Mathew Maon, Dimitri Shulinin, Christus Sotnix, Marcus Anthony Seneti.

Attackers: Kevin Clarke, Loris Dargins, Andrei Gerrins, Emilces Helers, Colton Glennes, Rehrhades Mannesis, Brendon McMillan, Jins May, Mathew Mitinen, Vitally Pavlov, Frank Razagallus, Mitillus Riddles, Line Widdles.

In the last season's championship, Dzong Dziez beat Kazan's "Akbar" team.

With 25 points in the tournament, Crown was 25th. Torpedo was seventh. The Tourpodo Eastern Conference, which has 33 points from 26 matches, is the seventh strongest team.

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