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SV Martinine's Braun's Epic Song song & # 39; duo & # 39; St. Peters Church

On November 18, 2018, a feast of the 100th anniversary of the Latvia Republic will take place at the 16th of December at the Rugby Seam, St. Peter's Church, St. Peter's Music, directed by Martin Broun.

Raina and the cultural and historical values ​​of "Duva" given by Martin's Brown are a special case. In the beginning of the 20th century, Latvia's relativism of the independent state and the path to restoration of an independent state at the end of the century is closely linked. Like Reaisis calling "Duckgas" for the killing of the people, Matine Bourne presents the drama again in a new development, against the loss of a person's personality.

Many of the music arrangements, especially one of the most powerful songs in the song "Surya, Thunder, Duvava", last year's ganjaanam, is surprising if many of them are forgotten or noticed that the cycle of the rainbow has ended. Walaut McKalaki's "Duatata" listed for the production of the 1988 production at the Valmiera Theater gained new strength in Martin's Bourne. This was one of the most powerful ambassadors for the third awakening.

Initially sung the song "Duavau" on the song track of the song. Music music director Martin Brown has always emphasized this music. So it is not ready to adjust. In addition, he often sits on the main devices.

The song "Siwan Bird Garden", which was directed by Ugasi Brichrimanis and directed by Dagavas Iwas berries, performed mixed singer and keyboards simultaneously. The next Dowlafosci "DuWawa" experienced in 2016. Conductor "Dideonis" compiled a new edition, directed by Undis Coer. In the hundreds of years of Latvia, the word "duo" was performed by the Latin radio group Organizer Siguldalekha.

November 18, 2018 Riga St. In the St. Peter's Church, Latin "Duwa" will be performed by Gautam's performing at the Rigah Technical University, directed by Eyewitness singus. SOLIST – Soprano Elisa Brandburber, Bariton Reeds Roodysitis. Artis Rose (Doublebas), Eiser's Poojus, Anna Katrina smokesana and Marcus Scuruseus (Zelo) will be presented at this event. Mārtiņš Brauns, listen to the sound of the composer. Room designer is Aguilar Oscillus.

Entrance Gate at the Music Concertcher at the Afternoon 15.30 Free enrollment cards for concerts in Sreedevi Music concert. Before commencement in St. Peter's Church. Places are limited.

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