Tuesday , January 31 2023

"Tenx", "Seltenics" handball players celebrate victory in super league games


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Photo: Handball.lv

The last time the Latin American handball Super League was won by the senior finals Debale "Tenex" and Riga "Seltinx".

National champion "Tenex" defeated Jurmala Sports 38:26 (16: 8).

Andy Hermes scored eight goals for the winners. Nikita Pancenco and Armand Uvenz scored six straight shots.

It was the ninth time that Maris Greber was eliminated.

On the other hand, the third-placed builder placed 33,28 through the "builder" program.

The "builder" of 12 goals was the most successful Russian handball player, Vladislav Kosmann. Guests were clearly broadcast for 11 Army Lagaanovsky.

Dopey Teneks is the only tennis player to have 18 points in nine games. Riga builder has four points behind. Llodz is third with 12 points. The eight points are MSG / Lat – "Hertz" and "Winetie". Six "Jamma Sports". "Ogrique" has four points, but now has ASK / LSPA.

In the previous season, the Super League will start eight teams. Although it will play two round tournaments first, the results will be split in four or four. The following are the first (1 to 4) and the second four (fifth) two games will be played again. The two best teams after the second stage are self-sufficient for the semi-finals, with the third group and fourth in the first group, and the quarter-finals will be played in the second and second places respectively.

The semi-finals will be available in both the finals and the wins of the quarter-finals, winning two matches – up to three wins.

MSG / LAT-HERS team will only start in the first two phases of the tournament, but points scored against this team are considered as a whole.

Instead, the usual Championship final winners will score the winners in the first leg (right to win two games) to play in Super League 2019./2020. Season.

In the previous season, the dBBeel "Tenex" returned to the crown of the Latin champions who won Riga Builders in the 3-1 final. Ludhs won the bronze medal and won "Ora" / "Myantham" 3-1.

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