Saturday , June 10 2023

The famous physicist Hewk's auction was sold for 341,191 euros


The acclaimed English automaker Steven Hawking's £ 296,500 (341,191 euros) was sold at a motorcycle chair auction. His doctoral décort was almost twice as heavy as possible.

After tired of finding a motor neurone, Hawking was in the chair of a Christian church selling it in a chair and selling it as a "primitive model".

This chair was used in the middle of the nineties since the late 80s of last century, unable to handle the chair.

The wheelchair is sold as a collector's item and not for medical use. The Steven Hawking Foundation and the Motor Neuron Disease Association will also sell two charitable foundations.


Hawking's first doctorate in 1965 at Cambridge University sold the same auction for $ 767,000 (675,500 euros). It sold about 650,000 dollars (572,450 euros).

They sold 52 bags in auction on Alike Newton, Charles Darwin and Albert Einstein. Their total price crossed $ 2.3 million (two million euros).

At age 21, Houghton discovered the motor neuron in iotrophicic lateral sclerosis. It allowed him to be brought to the wheelchair and lost his ability to speak later. Though severely ill, Hawking was actively involved in scientific and social life. He was 76 years old at his home in Cambridge on March 14 this year.

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