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The first "double side" show – stage – culture + in relation to the inauguration


The untold sync in the Baltic states such as multimedia predictions, dance dance dozers in Latvia, and dance dancers – the story of the Century's "Arina Riga" has been quite accurately mentioned on the birthday of Latvia.

Here's a quick review of the video:

Multimedia Dance Program, one of the century's cultural programs in Latvia, will be held on November 17, 18 and 19. It is an expression of music, dance and contemporary technology. It tells the story of Latvia and our entire film. Each visual component of multimedia dance performance – Corolla Graph, Stage Design, Lite mode, Television Camera Work and Video Projection – has all been created. The creative team of the project is included "It's not a lesson in history, but a personal experience and an important part of the show."

The spatial myth is designed specifically in a 2000 square meter artistic projection scene.

At this stage the number of professional dancers in Latvia will be held – 500 dance shows: professional ballot, professional contemporary dance, folk dance, modern dance – from hip hop to sports dances.

"On both sides"

Photo: Ilmārs Znotins

Baltique State has not yet reached the level of "both sides" in terms of video footage

"Compared to the computing volumes of the image, the average cost of gaming computers in € 1,500, we will take two years of continuous computing and do the same as we did for the" side "project," explained Mariss Calve of Video Programming. (See more about video projections in this project – see interview with the interviews).

"When the stage design of the Central Dance show on November 18th," both sides ", we wanted viewers to feel they were part of the show," says A Designer Composer, "on both sides of the multimedia dance show Diddy Janzmus." The stage ends only in Arena's central square, but it seems to continue beyond bounds.

Music & Dance – In syncing the great scene

Music show is important for performances and performances of music video projections.

The nature of the drama will be music, morale, uplifting and enthusiasm – just like a birthday. One of the main themes of the history of Latvia is the history of Latvia – the history of the dance, the history of art, and the history of music – the soundtrack of the show recognizes the well-known parts of the authors of Latin musicians. Episodes or quotes. (More about musical presentation – see interview with Rony Sidran and Andy Saidon).

Dance, Dance and Dance on both sides of the Dance Dance, November 18th, 2013 The main cultural paragraph of the (Interview with Dazi Advilion and Balle Soloest Alice Prudhani)

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