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The gold that celebrates victory over gold; CSKA became the Kahl Leader – Hockey – Sports

The "severstall" team was the fifth loss in the series.

The inspirational player spent 16 minutes and nine seconds on ice on ice, threw three goals on the goal, using a team and defeating five out of nine drivers.

Meanwhile, Kulada took four shots in 20 minutes and 55 seconds, blocked a broadcast and used a force.

Vikram has won nine goals in 31 matches this season and scored seven effective passes.

Coldle won two goals in 32 games this season and made one result, but in the last 25 games he has left without a point.

Moscow CSKA hockey player

Photo: ITAR-TASS / ScanPix

On Saturday, became the leader of the CSKA League of Moscow, who is at home with 3: 1 (0: 1, 1: 0, 2: 0). Beat St. Petersburg's SKA.

With these two teams, Latvian club Dinamo Riga will organize matches in the KHL World Games framework next week in Zurich.

Meanwhile, "Automobilist" Ekaterinburg, who lost 3-4 (3: 4, 0: 0, 3: 2, 0: 2), he lost the leadership of KHL Champion Kazan Akbar in the last season.

CSK has won 12 consecutive wins, while in the last six matches, the atomobileist lost five.

The western conference with 54 points in 31 plays is CSKA of Moscow, which is five points behind St. Petersburg's SKA, while in 29 matches there is 44 points third goalkeeper Janice Kalaniewis, represented by Helsinki Joker. In return, the fifth Moscow "Spartak", with 36 points in 32 fights, is represented by Martins Karsuma and Kaspers Dauguavins.

In addition, Riga's "Dinoo" is the seventh with 30 points in 29 dreams, but in the 31st with 27 points is the 9th Moscow "Dynamo", while the last team in the 12 team is Cherepovets "Severstal", which has gained 20 points in 32 games.

In the Eastern Conference, the Yekaterinburg Automobilist has 53 points in 32 games, while the 44th in 31 matches is the second Osgus Avangard, the main coach Bob Bob Hartley. Meanwhile, Beijing's "Sunilise Red Star" is at 9th place with 28 points in 28 dreams, which is represented by the injured defender Criminis Radleihihs.

This season, 25 teams participate in the KHL championship – 12 West and 13 East Conference.

In the regular championship, every team will play in 62 games, which is a new league record, because so far there is not more than 60 games in the season for one unit.

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