Friday , July 30 2021

There will be another NASA robot / article / LSMLL in Mars

At the start of the next week of work, we can become a witness for the turning point in space exploration. NASA's Insight Exploration Robot will land on Mars on Monday, November 26, six and a half billion kilometers.

"Insight" or "Insight" is the first American robot to visit the Red Planet after Curiosity's collapse in 2012.

In addition, unlike the predominant person, Mars has been studying surface surface for more than five years, underlying insight has been made to see what is in it.

Like the previous mission, Insite is a difficult task in front of the machine, without damaging the machine. NASA was doing this in the last six years, but it does not end there.

After studying the circumstances and after carrying out the tests, the robot must remove the pawns with about two meters long hands and put it on the surface of the planet. Then it will be able to work using solar energy.

"We have researched the geology of Mars, the chemical composition of the soil and the types of stones. Now, we will create three to five meters deep wells to understand what is happening inside the planet.

We can measure the heat coming from the origin of Mars. And to find out how this core is liquid or solid and how Mars has grown, "Invi, engineer Ravi Pakas said.

Scientists will be on Monday for the inspection project, but they are waiting for it. Some may even shave at last – many project participants agree not to do until six months until successfully reaching Mars.

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