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Three emotional and enthusiastic expressions – Stage – Culture +

The Baltic states and multimedia forecasts did not include the synchronization of various dance programs in Latvia and at one and a half and a half dancers at the same time. Latvia's birthday "Arena Riga" is a century old story, as well as November 17 and 18 respectively.

"On both sides"

Photo: Anna Jarkovka

The exhibition took place on 17, 18, 19 in Latvia's Multimedia Dance Program "Both Parts". Latvia's story is an expression of music, dance, and modern technology. Every spectrum of multimedia dance performance – choreography, stage design, light mode, television camera work and video projection. "Both sections are not a lesson in history, but a personal experience and an opportunity to be an important part of the show," The Creative Team of the Project will feature.

Viewers can enjoy spatial illusions made up of about 2000 square foot art projections.

Professional Bail, Professional Contemporary Dance, Folk Dance, Modern Dance – Heap Hop Dance to Sports – Number of professional dancers in Latvia – Over 500 dancers in various fields.

"Comparing the image computing volumes, compared to small gaming computers around 1,500 euros, we're studying 10 things continuously" about the video sites in the Baltic states. The "project", artist Maris Calv describes the video projection.

Djizi Josez, a solo artist named "Multimedia Dance Show Abas Malas", says: "The stage design of the central dance stage was created on November 18th, when viewers felt that it was part of that event.

"On both sides"

Photo: Ilmārs Znotins

Music and Dance – Dancers' performance, sensual video projection, and highlights of the creative team will also emphasize the importance of both music in the interaction of amazing scenes.

The nature of the drama will be music, morale, uplifting and enthusiasm – just like a birthday. One of the main themes of the history of Latvia is the history of Latvia – the history of dance, the history of art and the history of music – the soundtrack of performance, and the sophistication of famous works by Latin musicians. Episodes or quotes.

Dance, Dance and Dance on both sides of the Dance Dance, November 18th, 2013 The main cultural paragraph of the That's it.

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