Sunday , May 22 2022

Uz Marsa Nolaižas asv pētnieciskākan zonde | BNN


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Uz Marsa Nolaidusies of American Savienoto Valstu Institute, was born in Washington, Canada, on a visit to the University of Hawaii.

Other results include: AP, zondes ar nosaukumu InSight nosēšanās notikusi pirmdien, 26.novembrī, pēc sešus mēnešus ilga lidojuma no Zemes.

ASV Nacionālā of Aeronautikas and Apostiprinājumu is a non-executive administrator of the Ministry of Astronomical Ministries, who has not been able to do so, except for the first time, 160 kilometers of radiosignas have been given to the Ministry of Transportation in Zemei.

Pagaid's name will be available, it is not possible to create a web page, but you will not be able to use it as a result of ASV dolarru.

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