Friday , June 18 2021

Why the Bergig Scag did not come to buy "Vanity of Latvia's Messi" in Latvia

Lavandian State Forests (LVM), a Swedish forest area, bought lavish state forests and wood products in Swedish and Bergvic Skogg, according to Arvind Osolz, Director of Forests Department of Agriculture.

LVM does not have such a fund of dividend payments in the State Budget, he said.

"Finally, it was an issue of price rise," Oslo said, "why LVM is owned by the owner of the Bergovic Scogu in Latvia.

Latvia's Bergvic score forests and companies have now made one of the European Forest Wire companies operating in Latvia. Therefore, the Ministry of Agriculture does not worry about the supervision of the forest department.

Lt. Letter and representatives of LTM approved. The sale price of LVM offer has been further exacerbated by the sale price of Bergovic scope of forest assets and companies. The company claims that Bergovic is from the LVM forest owners and business buyers.

"Last price control was the upper end of the price fixed for LLM, designed in terms of revenue and earnings from environmental and sustainable forest management, with the objective of compiling agriculture in the future. And will depend on price rise, "LVM said.

LVM Bergovic Scog and Soda congratulated on successful transactions. In the list of owners of Latvia's Forest Ownership, the Latin Forest Department has seen the owner of the forest real estate.

Sweden's Bergvick Schwog, a Bergovic scout in Sweden, sold forest property and companies in Sweden to Sodra, a forest trading area in Sweden. Their business burgundic scout and ruda were handed over to Latvia by Sodoro. Thus, Bergovic sold 111 100 hectares of land on a scog, where 80,300 hectares is a productive forest. The deal was € 324 million.

The interest in acquisition of Latin forests, participating in the Swedish "Bergovic Scog", has shown that 20 companies have proven. It includes three companies in Latvia. By the end of the year there was a plan to sell the land.

Previously referred to as interested in taking over "loyal state forests" property.

In Berkechic Scogg in 2017, 2,423 million euros have been reported, according to the company "". However, the company had won € 275,931.

The company registered in 2003. Its capital is € 106,025 million. The company is owned by Swedish company Bergvik Skog.

Swedish "Sodra" in Latvia has a subdivision of "Sorda Messi". The Sadoo website says that the company has been investing in the forest areas for a long time in the Baltic States and has a forest in Latvia since 2006.

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