Saturday , January 22 2022

& # 39; Arabs & Gift Talent & # 39; Artist najwa tari prepared for the program


Nabva was tested at MBC studios and is preparing to launch the Arabian Got Talent from Pratibha Patil stadium.

The free beauty of Najva Karam

Hundreds of comments and replies to networking sites that announce the launch of Pratibha.
Among the commentators, Syrian artist Azla Nasri said: "Suddenly I miss you, and suddenly I love you." "We are beaten to you that you should be well and that we should be amazed." He said.
Latino, a Tunisian artist, commented: "I miss you very quickly."

Karam's son-in-law Karam Karam studied the subject of Shams' song. That's a shocking shock.
On November 23rd, the Nawva Karam is organized in Jordan at the Dead Sea Cross Plaza. On December 15, in Sweden, he must dress in a waterfront in Stockholm.

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