Saturday , February 4 2023

A new patent for Microsoft folding device


Microsoft's software giant, Microsoft unveils a new patent, which represents a new design with a flexible and claspy design for a new device for a new device.

Lex announced that Microsoft is on track to launch a new version of the surface with retractable design in 2020 and again launches patent leaks in another device with a flexible, claspy design.

Microsoft's new patent system comes with expanded and folding screen with Windows 10 operating system. The folding device has been confirmed by the Microsoft-based divider separator on the Surface Book.


The report said that the patent was registered in 2017, but it was not published until June 2019. Tablet pc appears in the figure with full expandable screen and mid-section folding, which also ensures that both sides are securely connected.

Microsoft confirms that in the design of joints connecting both sides of the screen, this mechanism will provide the best solution to solve technical problems in the flexible display design on the screen.




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