Saturday , July 2 2022

About Hariri's attitude


Hariri's attitude was raped. This is what is said about the busiest efforts

Lebanese Force Source reported that he rejected the rejection of the "March 8" minister in the context of the press conference of the president, Saad Hariri. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh spoke about his views. The presentation presented by the presentation is strong and firm, not primarily based on personal or personal considerations against "March 8" and without logical, "in the moment of the election, or at the moment of commissioning and commissioning of consultations."

In view of Hariri's interest, he proved that he was not a monopoly and not a Sunni opponent without a financial requirement and international and Arab demands, like Hizbullah. He fought with President Najib Mihata and his election in his election. Representation is in the President of the Republic.

The source of Hariri's power is as follows:

As the political decision to form this factor, the first element is the logical sequence of facts. Political facts are very different, and on the basis of elections or consultations, there is a recognized standard on this basis. Blocks. Hence its center and the basic power are in the first imbalance.

Second power: Hesabola is within hours if it fails.

– Third power: Hariri continues with the president of the Republic and can strengthen his power in the constitutional level.

"Finally, of course, in a political mood, all the expectations should be a calm fan and sources refuse to interfere with the intermediary of minister Gibron Basel."

As far as Basil's role, "this role is needed, constant demand for mediation and settlement, so the country needs a government, so try to pull out the tunnel that comes out of Mubarak."

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