Tuesday , August 9 2022

Amend a new rental law and rent non-residential premises


The Constitutional Council of the National Committee of Tenants of Lebanon at the Regular Meeting held at the General Labor Union held the Constitutional Council of the National Committee of Tenants in Lebanon to "Restrict New Amendment Act, Resettlement and Prevention of Prohibition of Rights of Homes in Compensation." Parliamentary Boards for Approval of Representatives in the House Their amendments are put forward with independent MPs.

The eviction says, "the statement said some of the owners have provided false information to create confusion asayakkulappattilakkunnatinum permirrukaluteyum the risks involved in pressurizing the kutiyerrakkarkkitayil the wrong dates from the date of the coming into force of law. 28/2/2017 Announcement account the formation of Law Enforcement Committee Established Tum declared the legislation to come into force by law, (7), (58), as announced by the Ministry of Finance, the State Council that the consultation is still forbidden by law, "he said.

In the context of rising inflation, the call for the calling of the call for the owners of the banks and real estate companies to express the interest of non-resident in non-residential squires has been abolished, including limited economic and social risks. The intervention of older rented tenants has been a major hike in the livelihoods of owners of the shops, small shops, and handicrafts free of popular neighborhoods in towns and villages, which have plagued many employers.

This delegate calls to the members of the church not to compensate the owner of the owners of tenants or owners, in contrast to what is required to "extend the expansion of these sites", especially the need for integral social and social studies, particularly in the rights of tenants.

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