Thursday , July 29 2021

Basil Tuzir Ahmed proposed to resolve the crisis of the Sunni seat in the Aadatta Government

The familiar sources of the meeting between President Michel Auen and the Prime Minister's Speaker Saad Hariri and Home Chairman Nabih Berri, which lasted only a few minutes for "life", "the hope of the government during the search did not increase because the time passed was that of Lebanon Not in interest, and proposals presented as outlets for representing six deputies were not addressed, where the situation was one Was third.

Sources noted that "On the basis of the minister's no problem or the surplus was not a problem, it would have preferred to prioritize harassment before reaching the settlement," indicating that "will desire that the President will take a more flexible position than the search for a designated place, On his last Wednesday, when he missed a day before meeting with the presidential palace that this deputy Members of Activities "consultative meeting" will be on their initiative and they also give the date of the meeting before asking them to tell them that they have any choice, maybe the door will open the meeting was represented by the director wants to block out his personality. "

Sources said, "Hezbollah, such as Parliament's deputy speaker Alley Farzali's colleagues, met Oz on October 31 after criticizing the condition of" Hezbollah "to represent six deputies in his television interview and called on him to correct his position as he Leadership was provoked. "Hezbollah", indicating that "Basil, who had agreed with Os Missiers Launching the action entrusted to the party wants to remove confusion with the party, who had asked Mr. Nasrallah to meet – "Advisory meeting" of six needs: Before the Basil met with Nasralla on the tenth day of this month, "noted that" the essence of this meeting is that Nasrallah has indicated to Basil that six deputies and President-nominated nodes should face and President Aao Nothing should be taken for solutions because of its efforts. What is important for the party to avoid their demand for the Sunni Sunni problem, Sunni House ".

"After meeting Nasrallah after trying to disgorge the Shees-Sunni tumor Hezbollah and Berry, Basil tried to remove it by suggesting the appointment of the latest technical Sunni figures, Communication Engineer Ahmed Azadat, the Republic," has noted that "the proposal is for nominal nomination Came to the place, who was named as the Sunni minister in the framework of swap between her and Hariri. Gave the name, but "hejhabolaha" was invited to advise members of the "consulting meeting", who had denied his role in the proposal. To name someone ".

Sources said, "The director's proposal was not satisfied by the party, due to which Bacil had announced the return of exchange between Sunni meeting and other Christian between Ayon and Hariri, so alone the Sunni team responded to the goal of" Hezbollah "to limit the problem .

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