Wednesday , September 28 2022

Because of the "catastrophic" damage to digital coins ..


In the recent hours digital currency has suffered heavy losses and the currency market is the most powerful and famous currency under the $ 4,000 level, which records the lowest level in 85% of the year in this year.

Trading platforms featuring specialty in digital currencies have been responsible for the panic in the market because the speculator left the digital currency in large quantity after publishing sub-category this month.

In addition, encoded digital currency experts, who have become their point of reference for solving their problems, have lost their enthusiasm, despite the devaluation of Bayquin, after a motion during the year, showed a recent reduction in the operation of the equipment.

Encrypted digital currency is accelerating demand on the network, which has recently reduced considerably and if the equipment continues to decline, then the currency will lose its function.

The total market value of encrypted digital currency has fallen from $ 800 billion to $ 123 billion in January.

Optimism for digital currency remains active in companies that invest heavily. Singapore-based JU, which invests $ 400 million in digital assets, says that the market can be recovered at any moment if new blood enters.

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