Tuesday , June 15 2021

Budget of 2020 … Most Important File of Council Session | Phalanges

Sources in the post of the minister told the Major General that after the resumption of cabinet sessions, after the return of Prime Minister Hariri, it would be a priority to implement the economic and financial reforms plan, implement the 2019 budget related to the reforms and preparation for the 2020 budget and then «. McKinsey will work on the plan. Sectors will be funded by other sources, such as the World Bank, to increase productivity in many areas, and to start the completion of investment projects in infrastructure through the decision of the Cedar Economic Conference conference in France and other projects already recognized. In addition to the completion of the implementation of plans to address the electricity sector and the solid waste file, and then devoted to the oil field. According to sources, all these things require political stability which should be stabilized and all political forces should increase their margins so that political tensions, which especially affect economic, economic and tourism conditions, are eliminated or stopped.

Sources in the Cabinet explained to the brigade that at the macro-economic meeting held last Friday at Babada Mahal, they were asked to follow the agreed issues, especially that the Council of Ministers needed to prepare what was needed and for which issues a delegation was needed. General Chat Chat Lounge

Sources said the cabinet will discuss the issues presented at the meeting, especially the beginning of the preparation for the 2020 budget.

He declared that the President of the Republic is committed to abiding by the decisions reached by the financial-economic meeting, which has been agreed upon as they form the fundamental issue for him.

He explained that budget disbursement cannot be considered an achievement, except in connection with the follow-up decisions taken at the macroeconomic meeting in Baba.

Source: Major General

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