Friday , January 27 2023

Details of the prevention of cybercrime details reveal the details of a small suicide


Five months ago, a Lebanese girl was injured in injuries and injuries on his body, said the General Director of the Public Relations Division of the Internal Security Agency. Under Jantar Mehr's, the girl has a special account on a Facebook account wherein she uses a Syrian telephone number to communicate with a person on the site and "enigram" mentioned by him.

"In 23/10/2008, Cyber ​​Crime and Cyber ​​Crime and the Investigations and Technological Inquiries of the Judicial Police Unit were able to identify and arrest suspected so-called MC (born 1999, Lebanese), who had specifically investigated the victims with specific images Got it Tuntenn, 2000 ($ / $) and asking them to blackmail, threatening to publish them .. mujtur responsible for the investigation under the supervision of the judicial system.

The Directorate General of Internal Security Forces, demanded that citizens do not want photographs or videotaped perareat not easy in any case, so you do not have ceyyappetatirikkukayum irayakkappetukayum exploitation, refuse to report these cases immediately: 293293/01 or the internal security forces, the social Networking sites. "

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