Wednesday , July 28 2021

Does celery juice really benefit so many people do not know?

News Now Dubai – United Arab Emirates (Agencies)

Salary has been focused on the attention of many people and its health experts. Health experts have emphasized the importance of celery juice as it contains flavonoids, which in turn inhibits and decreases incidence of brain irritants and reduces the deficiency of slow memory with age. For digestion of fiber and vitamin C, K and potassium.

"Celery juice has a high percentage of sugar and carbohydrates, which means increase in calories compared to the natural condition, which includes hard and rough minutes. Generally, celery juice increases the concentration of glucose in blood."

Malini Malachani, a nutritionist, said, "There are some shortcomings in the interest of vegetables." Vegetables then lose useful fiber, which looks perfect for a long period, improves intestinal health and feed beneficial bacteria. "

"There are some studies that prove the usefulness of celery interest to human health"

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