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Flash – Ghos's more allegations against the possibility of his dismissal in Mitsubishi Central

Tokyo (Reuters) – Mitsubishi Motors executives Carlos Ghos will meet on Monday to dismiss him, who has accused financial irregularities, while other charges against him were leaked.

In an emergency meeting in Tokyo, the Japanese company said that the board director of the Board will be proposed to immediately expel Ghos to the Board, as the chairman of the board, in a strong alliance with Nissan and Renault in third place.

After his sudden arrest on Monday, the Lebanese-born French-Brazilian businessman started his second week in Japan's detention center to relinquish his earnings from the $ 44 million over the years.

He has not yet formally acceded and denied accusations and told the lawyer that there is no desire to hide his earnings.

In turn, his assistant, Greg Kelly, who was described as a mastermind of alleged crimes, noted that he emphasized that Ghosn had paid the wages.

On Thursday, Nosan's board of directors decided to declare Ghoss to the Council of the President, Ghosh was suddenly killed, who successfully credited the success of the Nissan-Renault-Mitsubishi Coalition.

"After reviewing the detailed report of the Internal Inspection, the Board unanimously voted that Carlos Ghosus should be removed as the chairman," the director said.

According to local media, Nissan has created a "secret" cell within the company to investigate alleged financial irregularities.

On the whole merger between Ghosn and Nissan, the administrators conducted a quick investigation into the matter, the Kiyodo News reported without taking the names of its sources.

Renault is a dominant partner and Nissan has 43 million shares, but the Japanese company will push its French counterparts – will raise concern in Tokyo on the balance of power.

Trinity Association is the world's first car maker, with 10.6 million cars sold. This association employs around 450,000 people worldwide.

15% of the French government is the capital of Renault. Renault has so far decided to support Ghose and has been appointed as a temporary director.

Conspiracy theory –

French Minister Bruno Lemerare requested the Japanese company to "quickly" share the information it collected, saying that Renault would remain on the head until Ghose took "concrete charge".

But Lemer said "I do not trust conspiracy theory" in reports of "rebellion" within Nissan to prevent the branch from merging with Renault.

Nissan CEO Harut Sakawa addressed the staff on Monday. Sikwa, who was chosen by herself, told her staff in the letter "unhappy and disappointed".

Japanese media has still gone out of the alleged action.

Officially, there are allegations by the Plaintiffs investigation that Ghosan has reduced their revenues by approximately 5 billion yen ($ 44 million) between June 2011 and June 2015.

But Asahi Shimbun newspaper said the authorities had planned to recapture Tuffe again in the next three financial years – on charges of reducing total pay by another 3 billion yen.

Under Japanese law, suspected individuals can face additional arrest warrants, which can lead to more serious penalties. Under current charge, Ghos has faced 10 years of imprisonment and / or 10 billion yen fine.

According to Qodo News Agency, since 2002 Ghosn's sister has paid Nisa $ 100,000 a year for the role of a fantasy "consultant".

Newspaper Manchini Shimbu said on Monday that Ghos had used money to pay for his daughter's university donation, and had traveled from the company's money to family travel.

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