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Geagea and Franjieh have competitions for over four decades

Four decades later, Lebanese Christian leaders Lebanese Force Party's Samir Gaiga and Suleiman Franchise of the Marathas Division included a bloody page of the civil war between their political parties at the Marrinin General Secretariat near Beirut.

The French Gegga Lebanese Falangeist alleges that the Falangist was cooperating with elements of the Armed Forces and killed his family members in 1978. The profound enmity between the two left, and for decades, resulted in political differences.

The Maronite Patriarch, a bishop of Riyi, met two Maronite leaders in Burkina Faso north of Beirut yesterday. We reconcile to today's two polar beings and continue together in concluding today.

In a compilation read after the meeting, both parties were able to reach and reach the new horizon in connection with the Mangalapuram, social, political and national levels and their common will.

This is one of the last consecutive ranks of the Maron leaders in Lebanon and the bloodiest struggle in the years of civil war (1975-1990).

Both come from the same part of northern Lebanon. Managing Reservator of Supporters of Their Parties The price of the civil war has been mixed up.

Father F. Gage is charged with allegations that his father Tony, Amma Vera, sister Sihan Jahan (three years) had been involved in the murder of so many proponents of "Eden massacre" in 1978.

There were military interventions in the Saigel at that time. Before he reached the home of a fractured injured family, he came to the hospital.

After the family's murder, Francis is in front of the family and political responsibilities. He was one of the most prominent Christian leaders in Lebanon, who was elected as president from 1970 to 1976.

The franchise, one of the three deputies in the Lebanese parliament, is in a narrow section of the Asad family in Syria. I'm proud of it as a friend of President Bashar al-Assad.

Gahega was the only leader he had been to fight for murder and bomb blasts for 11 years.

In 2005, the Syrian troops withdrew from Lebanon and was released from prison in 2005 after a parliamentary election that brought anti-Syrian aggression into parliament.

Now Lebanese force of 16 members of the parliamentary system confirms that Gaza is politically motivated and motivated. It is one of Syria's most serious political opponents.

Yousaf Sada, a former al-Marda party, said at a meeting in Barkick. "It would be a settlement after the series of open conversations.

"Lebanese expect this reconciliation even though it is a separate association," said party leader Styda Gaega.

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