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Ghosan .. a bidder

Japanese automaker Nissan Suzlon has been accused of tax evasion and financial irregularities. Ghosh has three nationalities




Born in Brazil in 1954 When he was six years old he returned to Lebanon with his mother. He lived there. There he studied primary and secondary school in a Catholic school. She later moved to Paris to study Engineering in Patrick's School. .


As long as possible for years, it is almost close to working, while at two world class standards, Nissan in Japan and Renault in France. Japan's giant Nisan has succeeded in protecting over the past two decades. Gosnan was the first foreigner to work with the Japanese company. The factories shut down in Japan and France in the 1990s, when tens of thousands of jobs were withdrawn and shut down factories in Japan, the so-called "cost killer". His popularity increased in Japan. Nissan lost a year's profit after losses.

Excellent performance

Immediately after completing his university studies at the tire factory of French company Michelle, he started his career. He took over the management of the company's factories. By the mid-1980s, he held the company's Industrial Tire Development Research Center. He worked as a director in the factory with the birthplace of Brazil in order to address the company's factory issues, and later became the Director of the Company. His office included South America, 30 years old. Within two years he was successful, the company recovered profits in South America. In 1988 he joined a United States Tire Company, a conglomerate company that incorporated a Michelle United company into the North American division of the company. He recognized the flexibility of the company in favor of the company in the company's factories. The owner of the company had set a limit for his ascension. Because Michel family owner and president of the company Francois Michelle would succeed him.

Hold off and stop

In 1996, he contacted the President of the Renault, who suffered constant losses, and decided to close down the factory in Belgium and dismantle 3,300 workers, which the company recovered and acquired in a short time. In 1992, 80 per cent owned by the French company. A decade later it has fallen to less than 16 percent. The cars of the company have become the best sellers in Western Europe. With the biggest success of Renault under the management of Ghon, the company took very bold steps and bought a golf board in Nizan Japan after buying $ 7 billion in Japan. During the past seven years, Nissan has suffered acute economic problems and lost $ 20 billion over the past seven years, shutting up five factories that dismissed 21,000 workers and transferred the official language of the company into English and awarded the bonuses to managers. In 1999, Gossan played an important role in the alliance between Renel and Nissan. Mitsubishi entered the alliance in 2016. Nissan-Renault-Mitsubishi corporation produces one of nine vehicles in the world. He said in 2014, "communicate with strangers, he said, adding the ability to do, to travel a distance of 300,000 miles each year without a private life outside of their family. This giant of the management reanealttum, retired or not, he vrttikettavananenkilea, whom God forbid, he was named Nissan? Myths Japanese automobile company Isi vehicle in the polls nisanreyum reneayum formed a partnership. This is Volkswagen, Toyota alliance. With 10.6 million units sold last year. The world, 470.000 employees working in 200 countries. Decided to resign from the leadership of Nissan's goal, after 16 years in the last year. Nissan Nissan Ghosh's board will remain chairman and will be partnered with Nissan, Renault and Mitsubishi Motors.


Carson Ghosean, head of Nissan Motor Corporation, questioned Japan's financial authorities in Tokyo. The board of directors of the company said that the company would work to end the deal, but the CEO of Brazil's profits in the 1990s caused profits from Nasson and Renault in the 1990s, when Renault's shares fell by 15 per cent. S'san, kuraccukeantuvarunnat Gauss shows the value of his income, according to the official figures. He also discovered that a number of important measures, including the company's assets for personal use. "Nissan mappukeatukkunnu, there is a great concern for our owners and partners." Prosecutor's office in Japan Information nalkiyittuna It is said that the company will still continue to Tennessee. Purattakkanum Executive Director Greg KEL is planning as part of the non-cooperation movement. Sandelandil the UK's largest vahananirm'matakkalaya President, in addition to Nissan, Mitsubishi Motors President and CEO and the Chairman of the French rinalttinre running gheasilum . Renault is the chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Nissan Mitsubishi Motors Strategic Alliance.

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