Thursday , June 8 2023

Hasbani: Health Card will provide all Lebanese coverage


Health Minister Gassan Hasbani said, "Today morning you have received comprehensive health care for the remaining items of the health care bill or the finance budget committee." Implementation of statutory provisions through the committees of health, administration, justice, budget, and budget continued. This is good news for all Lebanese. Legislation will be completed according to our design and understanding.

"Healthcare cardholders will provide coverage on all annual Lebanons in primary health centers and annually, which will be given to citizens and they will provide a guarantee and external examination in the hospital," Hasbani said in a meeting with the Finance Budget Committee. In addition, medicines can be provided for chronic diseases. "

"This law controls the health care of all citizens and increases stability in prices, especially in the high standard of living in the country of Lebanon," he added, adding that "future guards should not be opposed to the existing laws between these bodies." .

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