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Hot panes containing plastic containers are poison with our hands


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Many of us use small plastic cups for tea, coffee or other hot or cold drinks, and many of us use spaghetti, knives and plastics to eat hot food.

Many plastic cups, in particular, many warnings, body and health, its destruction, and the likelihood of diseases like cancer.

But did they ask why they used plastic cups instead of glass or metal instead?

However, there are many reasons for not using plastic cups and disposable plastic waste materials.

The main reasons for such a warning about the basic structure of plastic cups, bisphenol, and polypropylene are industrial chemical substances.

These substances are used in the production of plastic since the 1960s, and they contain containers to store food and beverages.

Such materials are not harmful to humans, but are a great threat to the environment, especially its use is very large and very normal.

Destructive effects

When these plastic cups are used for hot fluids, the liquids are heat produced by plastic cups, and tea and coffee, which are produced by the production of stomach pain.

In addition, the interaction between chemicals and hot liquids increases obesity, affecting adults and causing cancers and other diseases.

It affects the alpha cells which are responsible for the production of insulin in pancreas. Hence, the presence of such chemicals in the body affects glucose and diabetes. At the Omletes site.

Similarly, if you use cold drinks, wash your plastic cups that are used in hot water to make a similar dam.

Bisphosphate was a high amount of 95% of test tests for drinking hot drinks using plastic cups.

The body's pesophil is very dangerous for high intake pregnant women and fetuses. This may lead to breast cancer, which may lead to a pregnancy.

Drinking hot beverages instead of plastic bottles causes prostate cancer, reducing the amount and amount of sperm, in other words it is males.

One of the exciting results of drinking water using plastic cups is to help reduce body defenses.

Another effect is Wikipedia's notes that humans are more violent and hyperactive.

Finally, drinking hot drinks with these cups is dangerous and incomplete, causing them to become environmental issues.

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