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In Lebanese students singing in Beirut in Chinese language


In Chinese competition that includes Beirut, the Chinese Ambassador in Lebanon, and Van Kheijayan, Lebanese students have dozens of opportunities.

Martin Levan, 18, is the first lady of 40 students.

The participants are between the ages of six to 25 years. The Chinese language and arts reflect the interest of the Lebanese people.

Martini, who teaches China in the Lebanese University, said she had encouraged the teacher and had attended the contest.

"A challenge I wanted to do, I've worked a lot for the song of the song, and I'm very happy with that."

"I always want to learn a very important language for the Chinese," she said.

"Language is not easy, but in practically making it much easier," she said, "I've always shown great interest in the Asian culture.

The same enthusiasm for the competition: "Maria Karam (25) was happy to learn about others who were interested in Chinese culture.

I have been working in China for four years in China. For China, we are looking for management consulting.

Gina Dagar, a nine-year-old boy, said that she had attended the contest. Because she had the enthusiasm to sing in Chinese.

"I'd love to sing in Chinese and sing others."

"It's easy for me to learn Chinese, I'm trying to continue learning," she says.

The Chinese Ambassador to Lebanon, Wang Kian, said that such a program would encourage lebanese students to learn Chinese, and want to learn more about Chinese culture.

"In recent years, the Lebanese people have been very enthusiastic about the study, whether they are university students or primary or middle schools," he said.

"Lebanese students learn Chinese and know more about Chinese culture.

Ambassador said that this competition is a good move to promote cultural activities and encourage friendship between the two countries.

IAlla Ibrahim, president of the China-Arab Cultural and Commercial Exchange Association, said, "It's fun and fun.

"When we are training simultaneously in China, this song allows our children to sing the song," she said.

The parents of Lebanese students were determined to teach their children their Chinese language.

Chinese students are interested in learning Chinese, but the Lebanese businessman is also interested in learning.

This has led to Lebanese interest in China for the past few years to improve trade between the two countries.

"The China-Lebanon relationship has been greatly appreciated over the years and has been accompanied by visits to the two countries with representatives of the two countries to strengthen relationships."

It promotes the importance of integration into China's programs by the Lebanese Education and University Centers.

"The official Lebanon University studies my bachelor's and master's degrees in China," Ibrahim said.

"When you learn Chinese, you also understand the culture that helps the Chinese industry to improve in business."

Ebrahim pointed out that the Sino-Arab Cultural and Commercial Exchange Association, which invites Chinese teachers in Lebanese schools and universities, will help Lebanese learn how to communicate with the Chinese people and deeply understand their culture.

Education cooperation between China and Lebanon led to the establishment of Confucius Institute in St Joseph's University in 2006. Information fund university scholarships In Information Technology, Chinese laborers in Chinese spending are also engaged in information engineering and advanced medical and technological specialties.

To promote cultural and academic cooperation, students and researchers and professors in exchange for Chinese Cooperation in the University of Labanice in return.

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