Wednesday , January 20 2021

Increase in Kuwait and Bahrain indices, Saudi Arabia and Oman have declined

Wednesday's trade was mixed in GCC markets because Kuwaiti and Bahrain's shares were able to regain their purchasing power. The markets in Saudi and Oma continued to decline.
The Saudi index fell 1.05% to 7860.35 points, while the Kuwaiti market closed at 5368.17 points, its index rose 0.20%, and the Bahrain's market index climbed 0.02% to 1314.52 points. Omni's market closed down 4336.79 points below 0.97% after all the negative performance of the market.

Saudi Arabia

After the decline of the Sense-collective sector, the Saudi stock exchange closed in good trade, while the general market index closed down 83.04 points or 1.05 percent to 7860.35 points, and investors transferred ownership of 112.4 million shares worth 2.9 billion rupees, 144 shares fall in shares Against 35 companies


Yesterday trading in the Kuwaiti trading and volume index increased slightly. The general market index gained 10.57 points, or 0.20 percent, to 5368.17 points. Investors sold 60.3 million shares of K.D. worth 28.6 million shares through 39.6 million transactions.


After positive performance of the hotel and industry and services sectors, and the trade deficit, the general market index rose by 0.25 points, 0.02% to 1314.52 points. Investors have transferred 2.5 million shares worth 502.7 thousand rupees.


Omni's market has kept a series of retreats under pressure from its sector, keeping in view the liquidity and increase in transactions. The general market index closed down 42.70 points or 0.97 percent at 4336.79 points. Investors transferred 10.1 million shares of 3 million reals through 457. Shares of two companies have risen sharply due to the fall in stocks of 13 companies and the stability of the shares of 13 companies.

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