Saturday , July 31 2021

Jerusalem News Agency – Abu Al Arab with "Mujahid Movement" and "Anse League" in Al-Hilwah

In Lebanon, the head of the Palestinian National Security Force, Major General Suba Abu Arab, leader of the Muslim combat movement Sheikh Jamal Khabeta and the Muslim headquarters, met with the Ansar al-Ansar Shu Abu Tark al-Sadi Shu Council member on Thursday. In Ein al-Hilheer.

The meeting was attended by Deputy General Commander of National Security Major General Munir Al-Makdah, Brigadier General Khalid Al-Cheyeb and Colonel Syed Al-Asus and Leagu's leader Abu Suhib Dahh and Abu Muhammad Balaat.

The participants discussed the safety and security situation in the Ein al-Hilah camp and Al-Mih and Meeh Camp, emphasizing "the need to maintain the safety of our people and our people in two camps and our camp".

The participants emphasized that "the importance of joint action for the benefit of our people and our people".

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