Friday , January 27 2023

Kanaan: On Monday we will make the Gospel blood


At the end of his tour of Gibreen Basil, the head of the finance and budget committee, Ibrahim Kanan, foreign tourists and immigrants, Gibreen Basil, welcomed the Minister of Foreign Affairs, "Trouble in business and guardians and parents are welcome at Mat al Aussi, who in times of crisis and the army Boss had scored. "

"Our project is to save the diversity and believe in the agreement that exists here and we should not let them under the umbrella of Free Lebanon, which fights corruption," Kan said.

He noted that "We have stepped up with weight in difficult situations in difficult terrain development." He added: "We reached Baccata-Sanin-Zahl by completing the fast-matte links of Siege Networks and Demo in Badka.

On Monday evening, Kanan expressed his desire to bleed with the last meeting of the advertising committee, which stopped the gossip and moved the country into a new economic phase. "

Basil believed that "it is our duty to work and we choose to work and provide work models, speech, speculation and obstruction."

Basile said that when people ask more than the answer to any minister, the ministers of free patriotism movement and parliamentary committees are led by the finance and other committees led by the current committee.

He asserted that "we are in a political society and do not produce it and it is foolish that they do not stop talking but lie."

He noted that "this agreement shows the beginning of restoring the popular legitimacy to the President of the Republic, and this is what we have and will not leave."

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