Sunday , March 26 2023

Learn about the 6 living creatures in the human body … what are they?


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This disease does not produce all the small organisms in the human body, but some of them are harmful, some are harmful, according to a medical site report.

Some kind of animals live in the human body or within, and their results are different, said web medics. Most important of them are:


They are small creatures, live in human hair and give their skull food. Usually, pens are not considered seriously, but they are ill, which is very epidemic, usually affecting primary children.

Ring worm

Ring worm is a great way to get sick in many parts of the body. If the head ring is affected, it can cause hair growth, but in the footsteps, athlete's feet.

Hook worm

This moth passes through the skin, especially nakedness. The hoover lives in the intestines, usually the body itself is excreted, so it is no longer serious.


Humans were injured due to the most common and knowledgeable humanity, contaminated meat. The infected egg can be found in its own remains on the finger and its sides.


These parasites are small spiders on the surface of the face, increasing their prevalence of adults.


Small parasites living in a baby that drink water, drinking water, or infected food or affected human beings.

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