Saturday , June 10 2023

Lebanon is an al-non-smoking newspaper to Australia


Beirut – Naji Charbeal

Australia, Uzbekistan and Australia will play Australia on February 15 and 20 at the Australian National Football Championships.

This is the first friendly match against Uzbekistan in Brisbane. At the London Olympic Stadium, Sri Lanka will play a friendly match against Australia.

Australian captain Tim Cohl will retire at age 38. In the 14 years, Kahle has scored 50 goals in 107 international matches. There are four goals in this.

Member of the Executive Committee of Lebanese Union in Lebanese Delegation Mazen Kazibi, director of the team Fud Behouhan, is not available for health reasons. Musthafa Mudraq Radalovic: Mahdi Khaleel, Abbas Hasan, Mustafa Mathar, Waleed Ismail, Nasser Nazar, Matzaballah Al Junaidi, Noor Mansoor, Kazim Zen, Adnan Haider, Rabia Atia, Hassan Shaito, Shibreko, Haytham Fauer, Sami Eyes, Nader Mather, , Hassan Mutok, Hassan Mohammed, Jon Omri, Hilal L-Hilwah, and Omar Shaban's brothers George, Robert Malki, and Basil Grdie. The Lebanese community in Sydney has prepared for more than a month a rice team.

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