Wednesday , February 24 2021

Lebanon Lady opens its door on the international day of traffic accidents

Mustafa Mahmud

On the occasion of the Memorial of International Road Accident Specialists, Lebanon and Herzza Lady, on November 18 (11), open the doors to visitors and worshipers to pray for the purpose of the victims in the Divine service at 11 am.
The tenth anniversary Mass of Yasa is celebrated with the 110th anniversary of the worship of Lebanon and the remembrance of the pardon.
World day
Every year, 1.25 million people die and 20 to 50 million people are wounded due to road accidents for the general public of the United Nations.
At least 90% of these deaths are in low and medium-sized countries. The cause of death of bomber, bicycle and scooters from 15 to 29 years.
The General Assembly expressed concern about the significant increase in road accidents, especially developing countries, global traffic and road traffic deaths and gas issues. The member states and the international community have called on the World Trade Day to commemorate the victims of road accidents every third of November in November.
In 2015 the World Health Organization (WHO) has provided information on 180 road reports from their country. This indicates deaths, traffic accidents and road accidents in low-income countries.
Over the last three years, at least 17 countries have added at least one law to their security, safety belts, alcohol driving, speed limits, motorcycle helmets and seat support laws.
This report is based on the United Nations Decade for UN recognition of the General Assembly, especially to ensure the impact of traffic accidents on children and to ensure their safety measures.

As Lebanese's Lady has today handed over the opening of its lettt on the international day of traffic accidents, we offer to offer you all new and important stuff from all the trustworthy news sources. or not.
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