Monday , May 29 2023

Luxury cabin parties in Arab countries


D. Red Mohammad Taha

D. Red Mohammad Taha

The term "luxury cabin" means those who simply sit to watch games without playing if they are watching C video on the web, in the same sense of viewing only, without presence but actual participation in politics, some parties have been established in Arab countries where governance is allowed. General Chat Chat Lounge There is a majority of governing parties which, by definition, are often "decorative parties". What is really surprising is that some of these parties declare publicly and without confusion that their main purpose is to strengthen governance !!!, and this is a logic that contradicts everything known, as well as the fundamental underpinnings of parties in all countries of the world. Have goals or objectives.

On the Alexandria agricultural highway directly adjacent to the city of Toke, the command was mostly in front of the newly established party headquarters, and it almost seems as if it is closed, and it is a strange irony that the building, in which luxury of its future does not study real events. Seems to spend a lot of money. It contributes to the resolution of the country's problems, which in response to the question says why the founders or officials of this party chose that particular place? While the party's headquarters is far from the city center and the crowds are large and hence it was not easy for the party members to attend meetings and attendance, the place was chosen on a daily basis to convey to the people on the road that the parties are doing politics despite the illusions in the country. ?.

Is one of the most important reasons for the problems experienced by Arab countries in many fields is the failure of political politics and the invention of ignorance and delusion and the initial quest to beautify the image abroad. If the founders of either party want to reprimand the illusion of the reality of citizens exercising their actual role as defined in the Constitution, I believe that these bankrupt fraudsters do not have and are just a wonderful decision to insult the minds of their citizens. Urgent Question: Political actors as well as partisan activities shift from the actual work and attention to the issues of the country and discuss its problems and failures or government negatively before appreciating its achievements. What has been concluded at their cultural level is that the result and the result of the impact and strive to be just the sweet and convincing image of the simple and na ભોve people, their creation of young people's payoffs and their concern only for fame and light and money and Is a collection of personal benefits and collections. These relationships are based on interests in any way or trick, whether at the expense of homeland. Thus, they will disappear from the dictionary of great meanings such as self-immolation, conscious end-conscience deed, work and real achievement, not to mention true love in honor, honor and honor of the native. General Chat Chat Lounge

The death of politics in any country is the absence of events and activities, as well as the real partisan cadre, which must have at least a political culture and a good knowledge of things. Among the champions of the Melonists and the newcomers, who have been giving drums for any existing system, these conscious and educated youths are growing up to disappear and to change. Leaving them the opportunity to be in the scene.

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