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Markets have reunited with the transition of the Trumpet against Beijing


Markets have reunited with the transition of the Trumpet against Beijing

The Chinese depression indirectly affects other countries

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Most global indices have come down yesterday as the new US President (APA)

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US President Donald Trup has threatened to impose new tariffs on goods from China, and once again the global markets are shaking with a new fear of trade war. US The president has reduced the hope of stopping the trade war with Beijing and has declared "extremely unlikely" to accept it. Chinese President Xi Jinping was offered in January by implementing a new tariff.
It was hoped that Trump Wuxi could sign a contract with the G-20 summit this week, which would remove America from imposing a more intense tariff on China's imports.
In his interview with the Wall Street Journal, Trump broke these hopes that the current charges would increase by $ 200 billion to 10 percent to 25 percent of Chinese imports in January. Trump raised more risk by threatening to increase the tariff of more than $ 267 billion, which means that all the Chinese imports in the United States are more expensive.
Trump said it will include Apple's products imported from China into tariffs. The President asserted that Beijing should listen to the United States and open the country in competition with America. "For other countries, it's up to them."
Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Jiang Shuang said that China has endorsed its willingness to negotiate economic and trade issues through negotiation. China and the US Trade teams work together unanimously by Trump Wuxi during a telephone call earlier this month. China hopes that America will "go to the consensus" to achieve a positive result in negotiations.
Harvard economist Jeffrey Franklin said that the US-China trade war is hurting the global economy. "The trade war seems to be one of the reasons for the new recession in China. China's recession has indirect influence in other countries, commodities exporters¬Ľ.
"Trump trade war does not resuscitate the US economy. The difference in trade with China has increased this year, however, Americans have paid more for Chinese goods," Franklin said.
Current trade policies limit actual revenues in the United States, Britain and many other countries, but according to Franklin, monetary policy can not cope with its consequences.
The American President launched a trade war in March by presenting an import tariff of $ 60 billion, then threatened to increase the tariff by 10%, another $ 20 billion, and now 25% in January. Next.
Beijing has defamed itself for the past two times, due to which the US Goods are more expensive. Worried that now there is a sign that this change has harmed China's economy.
Bloomberg, U.S. The agency announced that many conditions of working conditions and market sentiment were influenced by the war, including the stock market valuation and the confidence of small companies. Economists warn that early indices pay attention to more vulnerability in China's economy, the economy of China's main trading partners is slowing down.
Washington's capacity for pessimism has increased in order to resolve the Indonesian President of Indonesia, Guku Vodo and his trade dispute. I hope they do a miracle in G20 meetings, but they believe they will not. When Vice President Mike Bains resigned with President Shi at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) meeting held in his country two weeks ago, Videodo has seen some hostilities between Chinese and US parties. It is the first time in 29 years of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum, which has not given any official statement from APEC.
Money market traders believe that expected weakness will not only affect the stock market but also reduce the liquidity of the companies. After Monday's rally, Tuesday's trading has seen adverse hazards in trading, British FTSE 100 is coming in red zone, GMT at one o'clock 0.40 percent and Euro StockX 50 index down 0.36 percent.
Markets are waiting for growth in trade dispute, however investors are not worried about the new warning. The Shanghai Composite Index has not changed much, and Hong Kong's Hing Song Index is down 0.17 percent.
Apple's Wall Street had plunged yesterday, the Dow downs set the industrial average of 209 points or 0.84 percent, and Apple initially reduced it by 1.5 percent.
On Friday, trump and its Chinese equivalents are waiting for the markets to wait for Friday to see whether or not the American president is serious about targetting additional Chinese goods.
Troupe tariffs on Apple's products introduced a new blast to the technology company. In addition to pre-existing concerns about the demand for the iPhone, due to potential tariffs, the price of the company's products will adversely affect demand and profitability. Analysts have accepted near and medium-term risks, positive about long term Trump threats helped to reach a high of two weeks high yesterday, helping to increase the greenback performance against the main currency basket with the index from 0.2 percent to 97.28. Dollar has increased in the last two sessions because investors have taken the world's most liquid currency as a heaven. Between the fear of losing the momentum of global economic recovery
After the trade tensions were once again published, the Australian dollar reduced most of its initial gains, 0.50% fell in the mid European session to $ 1.2763 per pound and 0.2% decrease against the euro against $ 1.1313. Yen settled in front of Greenback against $ 113.56 Yen.


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