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Tuesday 20 November 2018

I wrote you – Manal al-Juhushi:

Artistones are eager to share their moments with their audience on social networking. Masrawy reviews the following 10 highlights from the past 24 hours.

Hedy a piece of casual in

The header of the official page of "Instagram" has published a new film titled ENE from his artistic showcase.

Al Qamis, Dalia and Al Bihari are familiar with

On the official page of "Instagram", the painter Lekim al-Khamizi published a photo of his friend, artist Dalia al-Bheyay.

In Rome it is Selim

Georgian artist May Selim published a new picture of his visit to Rome on his official page "Instagram."

An exciting sight of Mina Fatali

In his official page "Instagram", artist Mina Fadeli published a new picture.

Beautiful on the bassama bus

In her official page "Instagram", in a Moroccan artist, Bisma Basu, she published a new wrong picture.

Ezra Abdal Fatta with a little dress

On his official page "Instagram", Ezra Abdall Fattah published a new picture on a small piece of clothing. That movie drew his audience.

Danny Batta Stylish makeup

Dorian Batma, a Moroccan artist, published a new image on his official page "Instagram" with a stylish makeup.

Diana Haddad's optimism

Lebanese artist Diana Haddad published a new photograph on her official page "Instagram". "My view of the future is optimistic, and my faith in God is a mystery of my success."

Silvi is the monk here

In his official page "Instagram", young artist Han El Shaheed released a new Silvio wearing a stylish evening dress.

Nasrin Tafish Binnab Chat

Syrian artist Nasrin Taufesh published a new picture on his official page, with a piece of chat.

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