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More than 3500 students in the Republican Palace


On the 75th anniversary of Independence, students from different walks of life participated in the palace's palace on the fifth day of the Independence Day of Baba Palace.

The programs organized by the National Commission of Lebanese Women's Affairs, Associations and Civil Society Organizations have become workshops. The students understand the concept of citizenship, on the one hand, the importance of promoting loyalty to the country, the good qualities of a good citizen, and other tasks.

Lebanese first
Nadia al-Shammy, the first Lebanese woman, was partnered with the students and was interested in collaborating with her travels and activities. Their love and their love for their subjects, their country and their love, their love and their love, and the necessity for the protection of animals, the resistance of adivasis, the self-preservation of pests, the need for special schools in different schools and the Lebanese community Along with us, there is a way to help people implement the concept of integration.

President of the Republic
At the end of each round, President Aun met with students, welcome them and take pictures with Lebanese pictures first with the President of the Republic.

Representatives of students
Some students first shared the joy of visiting the President's Palace. Thank you for opening the palace of the palace before the first Lebanese woman.

In this case, the best Daria vahikkunnatinulla a prabhasanamayirunnu the present president of the robbery, "and our responsibilities in the mixed medium of officials, heals our wounds, to your knowledge, understanding … of your concerns for our country is very exciting," said Louis hasmi school students, "We enjoy this time of year. The President, DC Reateappam to live together and maintain the goal of achieving, for the protection of human life and want to preserve your sannidhyattiluteyum the top of the pyramid.

Rulers and students of St George School say, "Let the Lebanon be fair and transparent if the Republic of the Republic is stopped.

President auninre the wisdom of the difficulties marikatakkunnatilum, awareness natappilakkunnatilum extraordinary achievement kaivarikkunnatilum safe beach marunnatilum mubarakkinreyum najas'sinreyum make sure their awareness and knowledge institutions in the state to establish freedom and the independence and sovereignty of nirm'mikkunnatilekkum A blast, "an honest man Mussoorie students of the School of Benevolent sisaris make sure of their faith.

We are proud to visit the President's palace in the palace of the President, welcome to us, teach us at school, welcome our students to our students and we promise our students to love the country, "Nasif said.

The activities of the students under one educational program are divided into ten subjects: patriotism, morality, courtesy, threat, public sector, nature, animal protection, equality between men and women, integration and resistance to addiction. Leadership and Emotional Intelligence Spirit.

In this context, the Association presented an explanation for the meaning and significance of consolidation. The participants split into two groups, delivering the most important ideas in the explanation, and expressed their concerns in the community to recognize people for special needs and assist them to get their approval.

Students explained the importance of redevelopment in the area on environmental protection. How the Association "Arkencell" implemented, "Knowledge of environmental awareness in nature, awareness of students from pollution, and solving the problem of waste in Lebanon is among the students' most important ambition."

The Animal Protection Act signed by the President of the Republic highlighted the interest of the students on the animal protection issue that protects the animals. They learned about wild animals and their need to be protected. The wrong dogs.

Representatives of the students '' students and the big improvement in the field '' expressed their concern.

Associations and Institutions
"Nature Love", "Nature", "Lancash", "Lancash", "Eight", "Eight", "Eight", "Dinkenup", "Live Love Lebanon", "Lysik", "Nature" University of Our Lady of Lucy, Umma Al Noor, Shiftift, Leader for Lebanon.

Students' delegations
Schools attended last day of Independence Week: Masnur School Basnacea Sisters – Biskaanta, St. George's School – Al Hadad, Bakka International School – Shamaster, LWSS Central Beirut, Dariya Official School, LWAA Hassmi (29 students) Sisters of the Holy Family, Sahel Alma, Mariam Brothers School, Chanville-Dick L Hdi, arcciphiyile and wisdom.

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