Sunday , June 13 2021

New scam in Bargavi case

The army court dismissed a petition in February last year by the Military Court of Military Judge Moni Hungry, a "Procageral Confusion" and "Procageral Confusion". He is still facing refugees on charges of murder, murder and terrorism in the context of March 2014. The "military discrimination" was against the decision to withdraw the appeal. Judge Judge Sad Said sentenced 18 people to the source and told the sources that the body was at its head. Two days after the trial of criminal charges, Burgovi was tried in the courts and sentenced to nine months imprisonment and imprisonment imprisonment. In the Military Court, we wrote to the government commissioners. Judge Peter Germonos called for Berga's file to be filmed. The court presented Brigadier General Hussein Abdullah to the court. Defense Minister Yakub Saraf was produced before the court and the court was taken into custody.

However, Telangana's decision in this regard was unexpected and illegal, after deciding to reject the request of judicial review to hand over the file to the barjawi file. Pointing out that military courts are not subject to tests. Even the head of "military discrimination" is a Judge of Justice subject to the Judiciary Review Authority.

If the Caspian's military court decides to review the re-trial of Burghawi, accepted from house arrest, a file scandal involving the criminal defense of the Defense Minister's decision to "block" Barzavoy, if an indictment has been made in the history of the Lebanese judiciary. In the context of the party's subordination in this case, on Friday, October 18 last year, those sourcing parties surrendered through the "representative" of Barkha to the surrender and removal from the court in the evenings.

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