Wednesday , May 18 2022

Radio Noor MP Moulavi: The judicial council has the power to enter a partnership with foreign companies while protecting the sovereignty of the central state.


The judicial council is in the framework of the state decentralization and the need to develop with the weakness of the local sources to cooperate with foreign companies is a member of the slogan to adopt measures to retain the sovereignty of the Central Government.

Mauzie's speeches came at the meeting of the sub-committee. It discusses the decentralization of power in the House of Representatives today.

In a statement in Moulavi's office, "If the Contest of Judicial Council participation, especially the nature of natural resources, or the provisions of Article 89 of the Constitution, there was a discussion on the need to respect this Constitution Article on this issue, but this process of law in the Legislative Assembly, Do not interrupt.

"Article 89 of the Constitution is the statutory law of the legislation including the petroleum resources, mining agreements, mining and mining conspiracy in the Lebanon area."

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