Friday , June 18 2021

Riyashi told Riazhi's support of the military for his position: his words are rational and gentle

Saad al-Hari, prime minister of the care minister, Mehsam al-Riashi, said of the allegation: "I visited Dr. Sameer Gajja, the leader of the Lebanese Forces, in his country, trying to find a solution, but at the same time it is a crucial position to understand more There are things that can not be done. "

You know that power has made great sacrifices to the government. But the last party between the two countries was again seen. But Prime Minister Hariri's position is extraordinary. Because it is logical and logical, it should be strengthened to form the government as soon as possible. People's needs are very big. "

He said: "It is not necessary to oppose the Prime Minister's position in any of the parties, because it is logical and very effective."

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