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Serious signs with hair loss. Do not ignore it!


Dermatologist Dr. The number of Gary Shapiro's signals that hair loss is more serious than aging and heredity, such as:

Eyelashes or eyebrow hair loss:

Shapiro said, "If you see hair loss in other parts of your body, something else is going on."

If you lose your hair or eye streaks, it means that unlike men's fracture in you, automobume is a serious form of smell that leads to loss of hair in large quantities, and in some parts of the body, along with the skin on the skull, where the body believes That hair follicles are risky and attack them, which causes hair loss from the follicle.

Other automated conditions that may include thyroid disease and lupus due to hair loss. The doctor can use blood analysis to determine the specific cause of hair loss.

Feeling inactive at all times:

Decrease of hair loss can mean that you have been malnourished or your body does not have the essential essential nutrients.

If you do not get enough zinc, for example, you may get diarrhea, severe weight loss and hair loss as side effects. Malnutrition can usually lead to hair loss.

Here you must be a balanced diet that includes fresh products and healthy fats such as nuts, proteins and water..

Muscle pain:

When hair loss and muscles are done together, it is possible that a person is suffering from hypothyroidism, an autoimmune hormonal imbalance.

First, there is no symptom of hypothyroidism, but hormone imbalances in the body, fatigue, weight gain, muscle aches, and hair loss occur..

Hypothyroidism can be treated with medicines prescribed by a doctor, which changes the hormonal body that the body can not produce on its own..

Nails are fragile:

Iron deficiency occurs as a type of anemia, when the body does not produce healthy red blood cells. Dr. Shapiro said, "If anybody has a lack, it can have side effects such as brittle nails and hair loss."

Iron deficiency can make the person vulnerable to fatigue and vulnerability. Other symptoms include chest pain and cooling hands and feet.

Iron supplements can help patients with medicines, as well as the conditions that a doctor can suggest for a patient.

High Blood Pressure or High Blood Cholesterol:

Dr. According to Shapiro, cholesterol reduction drugs cause hair loss as a side effect. According to Harvard Medical School, only 1 percent of cholesterol medicines report hair loss, but the chances are less.

Blood pressure medicines are also known due to hair loss, although doctors are still uncertain about the exact mechanism of this organization..

Dr. Shapiro advises that "people should check with their doctors to determine if the loss of hair is related to the drug.".

Skin rash on face or body:

Lupus, or hypothyroidism or iron deficiency, are defined as autumn disease, and hair loss is one of its common symptoms..

Apart from this, these diseases can cause skin rashes throughout the body in response to infection.

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