Monday , June 14 2021

Shams al-Buwuddi is a relief for Hind Rostam in Lebanon

Artist Muthallilla Shams al-Bourudi, In a press story about her relationship with Sindhirallo Sut Hosni, she collected more in a movie.

In the film "The Nine", Madiya Kamel appeared in the movie Mahanagara Hind Rustam, starring in Hala Fouad.

When his father suggested his daughter should not abandon his daughter at the age of 17, he moved to Liepton for the movie "Durran" in the same room, where Shams stayed in the film of Hind Rastam.

She explained the details of the first relationship between Madiam Kamel and Madia Kamal before she retires. The lady told me that she once introduced me to Umare and informed her about the decision to retire when she returned. Madia ensured that she was "thirsty", and she saw each word as emotions and asked her what she would not want to do on the rest of her latest pictures.

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